The Invisible Orthodontist

Dr. Igor Lavrin & Dr. Sarah Lawrence are both members of The Invisible Orthodontist group, but what is it?

All of The Invisible Orthodontist doctors are qualified specialist orthodontists, focused on treating their patients using invisible techniques.

Lavrin & Lawrence Orthodontics are the only practice in Melbourne’s CBD that are part of The Invisible Orthodontist. 

So, why choose The Invisible Orthodontist? 

Experience is key

As part of The Invisible Orthodontist group we collaborate with other experienced orthodontists who share the common goal of creating acceptance for invisible orthodontics.

Many patients think that they’re not suitable for Invisalign, but that’s not true! The chance that you’re a candidate for Invisalign is over 80% if treated by a qualified and experienced orthodontist.

Invisalign is a great option 

Not only is Invisalign ‘invisible’ but it also happens to be one of the most comfortable, hygienic and flexible treatment options!

Have you been told that Invisalign won’t suit you? You’re welcome to come in for a second opinion!

If you were hoping for Invisalign but have been told that it’s not an option for you then it might be worth getting a second opinion. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like us to assess your options.

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